Star Spangled & Hammered


Star Spangled & Hammered

Supplier Name Lunchbox Comedy
Currency USD
7/3 - Hype - Auburn : $10.00
7/5 - House Party : $10.00
7/6 Bytes and Brews : $10.00
USA VIP : $20.00


Lunchbox Comedy and Crew Control Comedy bring you the most patriotic comedy tag team in the are on the selected dates

As seen on Amazon and Netflix, Jeff Vance and Tee-Ray Bergeron We have THREE STOPS and THREE ticket options

Contact Info: 225-290-4818

7-3 Hype Bar - Auburn, Alabama

7-5 The House Party - Phenix City, Al

7-6 The House Party - Phenix City, Al

or if your gunna follow us on the road, scoop all three at a discount