Sundance Head General


Sundance Head General

Supplier Name The Axe
Currency USD
General Admission : $25.00


General admission tickets allow you to either stand or bring your own lawn chairs to sit in the pink area on the diagram. One ticket per person is required. It will be first-come, first-serve for where you want to be located within that area. For purchase at the door, $40 set-ups. You will be allowed to bring one bottle of liquor per person of age. The bottle cannot be any bigger than 1.75L. Set-ups will be sold separately at The Axe which includes cups, ice, and mixers such as sodas or juices.

The doors open at 6 PM. Additionally, parking will be limited at The Axe. Please purchase one of the parking passes to be able to park at The Axe, consider carpooling, or taking an uber.

No outside food or drinks are allowed in this section. No refunds, all sales are final. Whether it is rain or shine, the event will go on. If for some reason the event is rescheduled, no refunds will be given.